If you have always been fascinated by Australia and you are currently looking for research opportunities, then we have good news for you. Here are two scholarships for which you can apply if you are interested in a postgraduate program in Australia.

We will talk about both of them and see what are the advantages and disadvantages of each one.

University of Sydney International Scholarship

This scholarship is dedicated to international students who want to apply for a postgraduate research degree or for a research master, at University of Sydney.  There are two starting periods of research programs at the University of Sydney: in March of every year (Period 2) and in July every year (Period 3). In order to apply for the scholarship, candidates must apply first for a postgraduate degree program at the university.

The applicants for a research degree program will be evaluated based on their undergraduate diploma, on the ranking of the university from which they received their previous degrees and based on their previous academic results. The university is looking for students with a First Class Honors mark. You can read extensively on selection criteria on their website. It is also important that the candidate have evidence of his research experience (for instance, a masters degree in research). In order to provide this evidence, the students must complete a special form, which can be found on the university website, here.

As mentioned before, in order to be eligible for a scholarship, students must first apply for a research degree program. You can find all the courses that the university offers here. In the application form for their postgraduate research degree programs, candidates must select the option of the International Scholarship application.

University of Sydney has a history of 160 years and is one of the first 50 universities in the world and the third in Australia. So, if you are looking for a prestigious university, you might have found it. Let us take a look at the scholarship offered by the Adelaide University.

Adelaide Scholarships International

Like the scholarship offered by University of Sydney, this is also dedicated to international students willing to pursue a research postgraduate degree program (masters degree or doctoral degree). The scholarship covers the tuition fees for two years (for masters degree programs) or for three years (for doctoral programs) and an annual living stipend. The eligibility criteria for this scholarship also require a First Class Honors degree.

The scholarship is offered on criteria of academic performance and research talent. Another important criteria for this scholarship is providing proof of English language proficiency. The next deadline for application is 15 February 2019 for the academic year starting in September 2019. The application is online and you can find all its steps here.

Adelaide University is also one of the leading research institutions in the world, being ranked in the first 1% universities globally. It was founded 143 years ago and since then, it has formed many accomplished alumni, among them five Nobel Prize laureates and more than 100 Rhodes Scholars. It is also an university open to international students, welcoming thousands of students from more than 90 countries. You should visit their website and decide what you want to study, as their offer of postgraduate degree programs is quite attractive.