The global leadership together with the university management is happy to invite all interested candidates to make their application for this wonderful chance. The University of Queensland is willing to offer the scholarship in the field of law, economics and business. It has be a major concern that may countries fear free trade with other global fields due to lack of proper maniac who may aid in understanding the by lateral rules of trade. It has therefore attenuated the scope of help to the less fortunate student who are will to advance their territory in earning a degree in the defined fields. All those who wish to take the scope of success will have the model and criterion to advance and have great algorithms for solving the problems. The Hong Kong global leadership scholarship will have taken the chance to make it better for you. Many students have suffered financial lack and would want to get assisted as they assimilate the governmental draws in literal areas of study. Student must show good academic record and show prowess in their performances.

The global Hong Kong was started by the governmental stands based on the problems that have kept accumulating from one cycle to another. The body is one of the global standards which instigate success to all the lateral bodies in the regards to education.

Scholarship Description

About the Award

The scholarship Award by the Hong Kong global scholarships aims at attenuating the scope of stand in liberating holistic stand of know it all. That entire student who will have succeeded in showing up the lateral academic prowess will be aggregated in grant of the scholarship. The scholarship will majorly depend on the student academic level and how swift in maintaining it. The entire candidate has the same level of qualification which will delegate the maniac of stand. The entire successful student will be the leader of some small communal development project which will assimilate through the knowledge that has been acquired in class.

Application deadline: April 29

Course level: Undergraduate level at the University of Queensland

Scholarship award: Hong Kong grant for the scholarship will take for $1560 annually

Number of scholarships: Not given

Nationality: Hong Kong

Eligibility for the scholarship

Eligible countries: Student from Hong Kong can apply as well as from the internationals

  • Student must show all their academic records
  • Must have personal development statement
  • Must have Recommendations latter from the school

How to apply

All the application procedure is in the Queensland portal. Ensure all the required documents are attached and no late submission.