Have you ever had a dream in showing your approved effort in cricked here come great chance for you? The University of Murdoch which is greatly known to have well versed sport amazement is willing to offer scholarship to all qualified player in cricket. Players are always the best fit to take an opportunity. The Murdoch University has realized talents have not been utilized and it is free given. Most of the Universities concentrate much on the education part of it ensuring it been the best nut forgetting the lateral growth of extra curriculum. However, the Murdoch University has given it a stake that most players lacks help to help them keep fostering the major trend in the field of crickets. In every sector of life must be aggregated by some refreshment. It is known that based on the research cricket players have big dreams but they lack modes support in achieving them. In most cases those student suffers financial stability in achieving their dream. The University of Murdoch as then international center from cricket are offering best scholarship offer for the best student who are willing to propagate success. The student must be a cricket player with proven trends and records of life.

The scholarship for male is about $1100 and female who have taken the chance to specialize in sport management. This will provide basic business governances from the austral government.

Scholarship description

The international cricket at Murdoch University is one of the known modules in offering the best scholarship in relation to sport management. The entire student who have good record in their academic and have taken an initiative will have a upper hand in receiving the best of these scholarship. The scholarship aims at promoting the entire extra curriculum in the globes as part of interaction from one globe to another. The entire student who will have succeeded in this platform will get an accredited free sport degree or other better selection related to games and more so crickets.

Scholarship can be take in Australia

Course level: Any degree related to sport managements

Application deadline: May 23 2019

Scholarship Award: $20000 annually

Number of scholarship: Not given

Subject of the study: Scholarship for any disciplines given at the university

Eligibility of the scholarships

Eligible countries: International student are welcome in to apply for the same

Entrance requirement

  • Have high skills in playing crickets and be current member of the club
  • Must have good academic records
  • Must have personal statement governing the prowess of cricket

Application procedure

  • Must provide a copy of eligible letter of application from the University of Murdoch
  • Personal statement from the University
  • Two accredited relevance regarding participation in cricket

How to apply

All the application should be done through the University of Murdoch website.All the required document should be attached