The grant research in Poland is open now inviting all the viable applicants to make their application for the academic year 2019/2020.The scholarship is majorly open for the student willing to take their master or want to pursue their PhD. The scholarships are aimed in promoting research for the individual who wish to provide their accordable stand in the field of academician. All those who wish to make their application are intended to be great ambassadors of the University of Poland in attenuating the research based on the fact of life. Many sectors have been neglected in showing up downcast to people who are willing to propagate research. The scholarship aims at giving stake to research filed mostly in biological department .The grant scholarship which offers the lateral help to brilliant mind aims at providing the help to student who are willing to be solution provider in the sector of sciences. In many cases the selected candidate must show prowess of their academic platform by having a logical presentations to the panel and also deliver a solution oriented model. The grant research at Poland University has acted as the main helper to those staking the modulation of research.

The research grant has decades in existence and have shown great credibility which has shown sustainability in the field of research. The entire students who have benefited from the scholarship have become prominent to the society providing best permanent solution.

Scholarship Description

About the award

All the grant scholarship is given through the University of Poland. Individual who have shown great steps in their academics are always granting the stake of scholarship for the whole tuition fee and other lateral allowances. In the basic of operation all good academic records are strictly followed .The student for the MBA will always receive $56000 annually and for the PhD will take 7$80000 for their stay in Poland.

Academic requirement

  • Must have good academic records
  • Must show credibility in their prior report
  • Must have good updated CV
  • Must have clear statement of the problem they wish to attenuate

Eligibility of the scholarship

Application deadline 7 April 2019

Number of scholarships: Not given

Nationality: the entire international student and those in Poland

Subject of study: The scholarship is offered in field of biological sciences.

How to apply

To participate in this application process,all applicant must submit an online application form through

NB no late submission of the forms