The Norwegian Business international scholarship is aimed at helping student who have great lateral in the lines of the business. The entire applicant for this Norwegian presidential scholarship will benefit from the platform of whole tenure of the tuition fee waiver. The student who has good academic record will have a greater and high upper hand to getting the business scholarship. In every life parts one have to conduct business, with right knowledge is able to make critical decision which are versatile to helping making  trend in any business. The Norwegian university is one of the technocratic university which produces individual who have high level of qualification. It is known for decades in giving out the best in the job market. The aim of the scholarship will help the student who lack school fee in propagating their academic will have been aggregated a chance to pursue their dreams. All those who are willing to take these chance and opportunity are welcome in showing a trend of life. The Presidential scholarship is beneficial since all those who acquire it they pursue their dream till they tame it themselves. This aims at bringing knowledge equilibrium in the society and in the whole world at large.

Scholarship description

About the Award

The University of Norway together with the Norwegian Government is happy to flourish the life of academician who will really give out the node of life change. Those willing to propagate their tenure of life must show it in great algorithms. The scholarship aims at helping shoes student who are willing to take challenges of their life to the next level. Those with good academic records and have good business PR actioner will always have the better hand in studying in the University of Norway. The government aims at giving back to the less fortunate in bringing the international integration through business. The Scholarship will take the scope of the whole tuition fee and other traveling cost alongside with house allowances.

Application deadline: March 5 2019

Subject of the study: All masters of Science program is eligible for the scholarship applications

Scholarship Award: All the candidates who will have the chance to have these scholarships will at one point maintain the scholarships based on the performances of the unit

Nationality: Norwegian and Internationals

Eligibility for the scholarship

Eligible countries: The scholarship is available for student who resides in Norway and international

Must have good English level and must give it all having a score of TOELF of 567

Application procedure

  • All the letters of application must be one page maximum.
  • All the document must in Microsoft words

How to apply

The entire applicant should submit their portal though the University portal and no late submission of the application latter.