Have you got masters and wondering how you can attenuate the scope of success in the field of attaining your PhD? The University management takes this opportunity to announce the fellow research study which is offered in the University of Exeter. The aim of this scholarship is to attenuate the scope of research to the academician who is willing to take challenge in delivering success in their life. The university is determined in showing up the factual lateral aspiration which aggregates in the tenure level of operation. The fellow research at this university is based on the research. The university being known to be the best University in producing the great research fellow always gives out the scope for advancement. The scholarship is funded by the technology and science council facility for the student who is willing to facilitate the lateral management in the research. The scholarship will benefit the student which have the best heading thesis and articulate their best effort in showing up the modulating factor in research. The research fund will be aggregated will officially show the scope articulation in the university of Exeter.

Scholarship description

About the Award

The scholarship Award will genuinely give out the scholarship to the best student aggregating research with the university management .The university management which is defined to give the scholarship for the research level will only be motivate to give the lateral node to the best researcher. The scholarship will benefit the research fellow in showing up the avenues of research and documenting it based on the study mode. All the tuition allowances are given to the student to aid them in doing the thesis model in best way and attenuating the result oriented in the basics of learning.

Application deadline: The scholarship deadline is on 26th march

Course level: PhD in mathematics and Flux expansion

Scholarship Award: The student will benefit from Euros 14777 for the three years of study in the university.

Nationality: EU and UK internationals

Number of scholarship given: Not known

Scholarship can be taken from the UK

Eligibility of the student for the scholarship

Eligible countries: The scholarship is global oriented to the individual willing to take further research

Entrance level: Applicant should have the studentship must have attained at least second class upper division of the UK degree.

Have equivalent masters from the field of physics natural science or applied mathematics

How to apply

  • Update CV is mandatory
  • Application letter together with university statement of the problem
  • The previous research proposal for the masters’ student
  • Two key references from the university

All the application of the PhD should be made via the university website and all the document must be in PDF form.