The University of South Cross is happy to announce the great opportunity for the women who are in the technological advancement. The aim of this scholarship is to bring all the ladies together who are willing to take challenges for life in field of technology. The Women in STEM is global stand in showing women capabilities in different field. It is with great concern and realization, that most ladies have great talents but they don’t have people to offer them help. The University of South cross has come on board in giving out the scholarship to the ladies who are technocratic in working, and who would wish to attenuate success in any level. In most communal based level women have been accorded very low level of operation hence kept them neglected by the society. Yes they can yes they can! This is the new slogan the SCU come with to give the globe a new change in the era of technology. The limited scholarship is aimed to give out the chance to the outstanding in the community based on their academic records. Student with vast academic tenure are obliging in making it for their level best.

Scholarship Description

About the Award

The STEM together with south cross University is happy to give the few available slot to women who really deserve the field of operation. The scholarships, aims at bringing equilibrium in the field of education, hence, giving it all to the new trend in academician. All those selected for this scholarship will benefit from the full tuition support and other lateral grip allowances. They will also receive the travel tenure and other health risk. Student who will get the chance in working on the South cross University, at the end of the education tenure need to show a great avenue in their project and be solution provider in their platforms.

Application deadline: It is open for 2019

Course level: The course work is available for the Undergraduate level

Scholarship Award:$ 5000

Nationality: International

Scholarship number: It is not given

Study subject: The scholarship is available for any discipline that is offered in the university

Eligibility of the scholarship

Eligible countries: International student are invited to make application

Entrance requirement: In order to get the scholarship, applicant must have enrolled with the university.

Successfully student in passing the entire given unit will be given the right to continue with the offer.

How to apply

Those making their application should submit their application letter and other document at the South Cross University application form in the portal.