Those willing to make their application for scholarship opportunity with foster care foundation are now open. The scholarship is available to those who have already enrolled in a program that is offered by the University of Western Sydney. The scholarship aims in fostering all the development in the university and at the country at large. The beneficiary of the scholarship will secure scholarship tenure which will aggregate them in showing up the trend of life. Student fostered to this benefit must show their credibility in showing up good academic record. The Hawkesbury is one of the implemented organs which help to bring help and societal upgrades to those who are willing to propagate education. In all sector of life there must be challenges but who comes in to offer help always does the best thing. Foster care has given many students having lost hope through education scholarship. Knowledge is power and can be used to transform one person from one glory to another. The greatest investment is in education background. The Foster cares was started by the well-wisher of the university alumni .This has become a trend that in every year there is a chance for the less fortunate student who are brilliant getting a chance to foster progress in their education life.

Scholarship description

The scholarship Award

The Hawkesbury foster care is aiming at helping the student who has good academic record in their life and showing up the trend in paving success in their field. Selected student will have all the tenure of the scholarship which will attenuate through various statures. Mostly student who will have declined the progress the scholarship will be curtailed hence given to another person. All expenditure and personal life statutes will be catered for hence showing state. All applicant a will receive equality from the review committee.

Application deadline: March 23 2019

Nationality: Australian citizens or international student having permanent residence

Study subject: The scholarship is open to any course that is offered in the University of Sidney

Course level: The scholarship is available for all undergraduate degree that is offered in the university.

Scholarship eligibility

Being eligible for the scholarship level one must have the following

Eligible country: Be a resident of Australia or international permanent resident

Entrance requirement:

  • Must be a citizen in the university
  • Must have enrolled for the degree or received letter of admission from the university
  • Must have operated at Hawkesbury as kids care in not a period of less than 12 months
  • Must demonstrate great financial need or other hardship since we always foster equality.

How to apply

All the application should be delivered or made through the western Sydney University or at Hawkesbury. All document should be dully filled