The University of Massey in New Zealand is happy to announce the most auspicious moment to those who wish to broaden their skills in field of agriculture. This scholarship tenure is based in improving the economic sector in terms of food security. The degree available in this tenure is BSc Agro-economics BSc Agriculture, hot culture and agri-business. The main aim of this scholarship is a lateral way through the New Zealand government to attenuate the scope of research in helping coping with major agricultural scope threats. In the globe the most theoretical and challenging part is the field of agriculture due to seasons changes as prospects of the global warming. Student wishing to take these courses will have a great understanding of how one can manipulate the avenue and it becomes probable solution provider. The Massey University therefore look in place of giving brilliant student who are permanents resident of the New Zealand or are citizen through dual citizenship tenure. Only those with financial challenge will have an upper hand in securing the scholarship in the university. The student must be willing to keep the records of good academic performances and will this help them maintain the offer till the end of the degree.

AGCARM is an organization which is partnering with the university to help provide ample solution in fighting food insecurity. The sustainability of food supply always start with equipping ourselves with the right knowledge and will always give a way in development. Animal health and lifestyle husbandry will through knowledge, give out the best result, Therefore, we the Massey university, together with AGCARM willing to offer scholarship in the field of Agriculture.

Scholarship Description

About the Award

The scholarship is based on the brilliant student who is willing to pursue degree in filled of Agriculture. The scholarships are available for only those with financial challenges and must have registered for entry of the first year.

Eligibility for the scholarship

Application deadline: April 30 2019

Course level: Undergraduate level in field of agriculture at Massey University

Study subject: The scholarship will be based on interest of agriculture

Scholarship award: $2500 will be awarded annually to the best student

Number of scholarships: 23

Nationality: Be a citizen of New Zealand

Entrance requirements

  • Student must have good academic record from the previous high school
  • Must be student of the new Zealand
  • All applicants must have registered and completed their first year of study in the university of Massey.
  • All the applicant must show competency in their research

How to apply

All the application should be submitted through the university of Massey portal. All document required should be attached failure to which no consideration.