The University of Ghent the top grant provider is happy to announce the trending new scholarship opportunity to student who come from the under developed country. The Ghent University has come back with a new state of transformation in the current international global links. This scholarship is to help those who lack fees and they have an urge in showing up their state education. Knowledge is power and can lead to greater transmutation from on level to another. Therefore the Ghent in Belgium is willing to foster success in the trending era with internationals student who are will to propagate success on their hands. All the individuals who have basic stand in academic stand are always welcome to making sure that the chance is well utilized. In making the realization for great success risk is a must, and therefore student who have sharp mind and have their prowess intact will benefit from this tenure point. The University of Ghent is situated in serenated platforms which promote healthy learning. All the chances in the Ghent University are acquainted with gender equality in order to bring equilibrium in the state. The scholarship will foster the student with all that is need in completion of the degree masters and PhD to those who will have shown credibility in their research.

Scholarship Description

About the Award

The University of Ghent and its management are willing to foster academic help to the student who are willing to pursue their level best degree. The scholarship will cover the entire tuition fee which is payable to the university via a check. Student with great academic record will always have upper hand in the provision of the scholarship. This is will articulate that only the diligent are in the system. The Management will also secure the university with housing program for the international student who will be willing to reside in the university. All those who will have benefited from this system must remain the ambassadors of the university even in their homeland and try to foster help where they can.

Application deadline: March 1st 2019

Course level: The scholarship grant are available for the student pursuing Masters and are only taught in English

Number of the scholarship: Each year the numbers of scholarship available are 16

Subject of the study: All those who wish to study in the Ghent Belgium can only take the relevant courses offered in Belgium.

Scholarship award: Allowances of Euros 670 per month

All the insurance level for health purposes in civic registration.

How to apply

All the application should be submitted through the university level and must be in the PDF form

All document required are supposed to be attached failure to which no consideration will be made.