The Moappz technology limited of India is happy to announce the E-commerce development program for the 2019 scholarship opportunity. The scholarships are open for all candidates who wish to attenuate the scope of life in technology-commerce being one of the most technocratic savvy. This is open also open high school, college or through the university across the world. The application is based on the stipend winning of the stake $1500.All the scholarship is hold for one person and cannot be transferred once delegated in the merge. The scholarship money is paid inform of checks to the education institution.

At moappz the College strives to push student to ensuring that at the end of the award they deliver a competent solution solving technology.Thhe student programs are attenuated to having high design manufactured with high level of standards.

Scholarships Description:

Application deadline: March 28 2019

Course level: The scholarship is open in high scholarship in university program

Study subject: The scholarships stake is for the field of technology in solving all the technocratic life of E-commerce.

Scholarship Award:

  • The winner of the scholarship will stake;
  • $1450 USD nontransferable scholarship
  • Every winner need to submit and approved letter of the current year of study
  • There is no direct award cash to individual all cash is checked to the institution
  • Receiving the scholarship award is all about based in contingent terms and conditions on the eligibility

Eligibility of the Scholarship

To be eligible for this scholarship student from international are welcome to try their luck

Eligible countries: The scholarship opportunity is available for the student across the globe

Entrance requirement: The entrance for this scholarship is based on the proof of the accredited in certain university. Student must be of 18 years and above to enroll to this scholarship. The content for scholarship is considered for both internal and international so do not feel like your University may not be considered

Application procedure

  • Those applicant interested need to provide a 600 words personal statement:
  • Why is the E-commerce so easy in the current era to the growth of the business?
  • Tell us about your new business idea that you think could sustain well in the market
  • How would these ideas sustain customer and make their life easier
  • Is your current idea on toes of establishment on the daily trend?

How to apply

The 600 word easy should also accompany with other lateral document to show that you understand what takes

Submit the entire document in pdf form and should be at Arial and 12 point formatting to