Scholarship Abroad: From Peter I to the present day

History of Scholarship Abroad, Education is recognized throughout the world as one of the basic values ​​contributing to social, cultural and economic development. Education received abroad is a unique opportunity to join another culture, learn one or several foreign languages, establish friendly, business, scientific, professional contacts with representatives of other countries.

The First Scholarship.

The first attempt to send Russian scholarship students abroad was made almost a hundred years before Peter I – by Boris Godunov, at the very beginning of the 17th century. In 1600, six people were sent by Godunov to study in France, England, Lubeck and according to some sources in Sweden. Almost 100 years after these events, already under Peter I, the tradition of sending Russian young students to study was established quite widely. To carry out the reforms carried out by Peter on the Western model, qualified personnel were required, trained and trained in foreign universities and schools. At the same time, Peter was well aware of the need to train his own personnel and gave priority to domestic specialists, but raised by the Russian educational system in the likeness of Western models.

Every day more and more young and talented people from Russia and the countries of the former USSR strive to live and study abroad. If you have visited our site and are reading these lines, then, most likely, you also want to join another culture, study at a foreign university, find new friends and learn a foreign language! At the same time, you are confused by the lack of funds? Are you not sure how to achieve what you want? Head up! You have a desire to strive to the limits and strive upward, and we will help you find the means!

There is a whole system of scholarships and grants for quality education abroad. The materials that you will find on our website will provide the most extensive and essential information about scholarships and grants for study in various countries of the world. With us you will not only find the country, language and educational program preferred for obtaining a quality education, but also informational and organizational support regarding scholarships to achieve what you want!

These scholarships can vary significantly in type, focus, student requirements and terms of grant, but they all have one goal – to help students visit a particular country, get a quality education, learn foreign languages ​​and find new friends. This information portal will become your reliable partner from the beginning to the end of the process of choosing a university, scholarships, paperwork and arrangement.

To successfully pass the selection, you should carefully compare as much information as possible about the course you want to take, about the university that offers such a course, about the requirements for scholars, their knowledge and abilities. After you make the final choice, you will need time to collect the necessary documents, resolve housing issues, and obtain a visa. Therefore, we recommend that you contact us in advance for advice and support.

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