There has never been a time when high education has been more accessible as it is today. Although tuition costs are rising, there are still more financial opportunities for students from all over the world: scholarships, grants for education and bursaries are easily obtained through online application processes. Getting access to grants for education is not exactly easy, as the selection process is usually competitive, but it is not impossible. It is however important to choose those scholarships or grants for education which best describe your situation and need. For instance, there are scholarships offered based on the study domain (like Mathematics National Scholarships offered by the University of Waterloo or the Edinburgh Global Undergraduate Mathematics Scholarships) or based on their country ( for instance, Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership or the Commonwealth Shared Scholarship Scheme offered to students from developing countries).

Another aspect of education accessibility is the opportunity to pursue college education online. Students from any country can obtain an online bachelor degree, a master degree or even an online associate degree if they enroll to an online university. There are many choices available for those interested in college education online. If you have just graduated from high school, you can apply for an online bachelor degree or for an online associate degree. An associate degree lasts for about 2 years and it will help you access a professional domain like business administration or computer science. If you already have a bachelor degree, you can continue your college education online, by applying for a master degree program.

No matter what is the type of degree you pursue (online bachelor degree, masters degree or online associate degree), it is of most importance to choose an accredited online university. An accredited online university is an university which has been verified by the department of education and has proven to offer high quality education content. This is why, a degree obtained from an accredited online university is recognized by companies and other institutions.