If you struggle to find the financial resources to fund your studies and you want to avoid a student debt, you must take into consideration the scholarships and student grants option.

Some student grants or scholarships are fully funded (like British Chevening Scholarships or Endeavour Postgraduate Leadership Awards), others will only cover a part of your expenses (such as Partial International Scholarship offered by the International Business School Americas or the Partial Scholarships offered to international students in Australia by the International Water Centre ). It is important to apply for both types of student grants, as sometimes, students who do not obtain a full scholarship or student grant can supplement their finances by getting a part time job for instance.

There are many students grants available to international students, but unfortunately, not all applicants will be successful, as the process is always competitive. So what can you do if you have applied for a student grant or scholarship and you have not received one?

You can choose to pursue an university online degree. The best part about an university online degree is the lower cost of tuition. Another good news about applying for an online university is the fact that many online universities offer the possibility of applying for a student grant also. So, if you can prove financial need, your university online degree can decrease its cost significantly. An online university usually offers the same degree options as a traditional one. Students can apply for online bachelor degrees or for online masters degrees. Of course, only students who have a bachelor degree can apply for online masters degrees programs. If you want to continue your education with a master degree program or you think about changing careers, online masters degrees are a very accessible solution. Whatever degree level you choose to enroll to, it is recommended to apply for an accredited online university. This means that your degree will be recognized by companies and other educational institutions.