The is much alert with the policies that governs the distribution of data and its storage when it comes to online users. Basically the site organization is based in the management of high level of security in ensuring only the data necessary would be disseminated. In many cases online  users fear the policy of the site usage on data, Our data is stored in identifiable packs which no interpersonal data can be shared or recognize specific individual. It always lies on coding the edge security which is highly collated in our site

Data in collection

The attribute to the information in our site are herein to recognition. It means just some basic data information may be used to unsure that services offered to the right persons and not to the robots. The information access is not in either way to indirect or direct share in regards to the specification provided or needed.

Moreover our site information is provided on healthy note for those seeking information on scholarships hence gaining the help might cause sharing some of the personal snippets. Furthermore, we may collect the data from the automated needed information, the directly data shared and other sources in the regards to the site.

Mode of contacting the site

The site has the administrator who responds to any enquiry that is needed. For gathering right information you may chose the point at which you process your personal data. The information request is based on the transparency diligence and the integrity of the provider. Also the information is lateral to rectification as one access the information and updates the services. The legal free for withdrawal of the consent to any information is needed.

Reason for collecting your personal profile data

Improving our services on the content we offer on our site is the main objective. This will enhance the system to be always subjected to improvement.

There is also impact of statistical implication of the user behaviors; hence this would help use way the service provision and use of the site.

Also the information will help in circulating the information like in the newsletter flyers and marketing materials from the administration.

In regards to the policy we always gather generic information which is not easily identifiable from our site visitors. The network connectivity use like IP address may not replicate the essence of time and data the maybe accessed for the site functioning. Identification always remains simple and private for all users.

We are site to be trusted since we care what circulate in our entity.