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The listofscholarship.net is a website which is based on the node of scholarship offer. The site always aims in offering the content from all reliable sources which it will ensure no violation of the rules of copyright. All the information available in the site should be treated with all decorum .legal Information of the product and its benefits are well articulated in the website.

The scholarships advertised always give the supreme funding to the needy student and who wish to attenuate education scope. The copyright law has all the reserved right that no publication or pasting of the content. Violation of these prime statutes will lead to application of the rule of law.

Listofscholarship.net is out of scope to the copy right holder suing the content page. Any unauthorized act of printing, distribution without publication without the knowledge of the site shall lead to the complying of the rule of law. The obligatory function is herein to the functionality of the site. It ensures all are well intact without intrusion for the management of the site.

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The listofscholarship.net has made a great move in ensuring that all the information available is accurate, up to date. This has shown tremendous move in ensuring trust in all the content in the site. The listofscholarship.net has great trend on giving out no guarantee and warrant to the user. All the information presented is authentic from reliable.

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The content should never be used as an act of promoting the product in the site. There would be heinous act in showing up like would go against the pertinent right of the content published there. Modes of using any content in any site are well stipulated in relevant flow of information in the site.


In the website, its functionality always is governed by the usage of the cookies. The platform rules of sharing information, from the site, ingraining favor of access to the bio data of the individual. The storage is through unidentifiable storage mechanism which would authenticate maximum security in the sight, sharing of any content without any legal notice warrant a rule of law action.

Alliance of the third party

The listofscholarship.net foster it globe reach to tis individuals through anchoring its articles to other links. At times become unfavorable hence dictated upon the functionality, terms and condition of the site. The third party will always act like agent in solving the disputes that may occur in the site. Scrutinizing is always on the roll base theorems in giving the lateral information configuration.